Did I have a wonderful weekend in Paris? That’s an understatement! Last weekend, I had the privilege to attend the ChangeNOW, International Summit for change in Paris sponsored by Accenture. There I met and listened to a variety of great changemakers with great sustainable and Innovative Ideas, my compliments to Santiago Levebvre and his team for recruiting such a great lineup of speakers and moderators. Among the many, Pascal Canfin (CEO WWF and ex-minister) who’s aiming at inspiring a horizontal revolution via an app WAG which will persuade Corporations to collaborate with social entrepreneurs. Tristan Lecomte of Alter Eco and Pur Project is planting trees around the World, while Joséphine Goube of Techfugees is bringing tech leaders, innovators, NGOs, and companies all together to collaborate on building tech for and with refugees under one roof. This sounds a bit like our Refugee Talent Hub which aims at bridging the gap between employers and refugee talents (everyone has a talent). Great stuff Joséphine!

‘What if collaborating with social entrepreneurs would become just as obvious and necessary than it is now to collaborate with startups ?’ With this Idea,  Senior Manager, Julien Fanon and Corprate Citizenship lead of Accenture France, Angélina Lamy talked about a new program within  Accenture; the Social Open Innovation program which collaborates with social entrepreneurs with the goal,  to co-design offers that have a unique value proposition on the market. The two invited me to Paris and made sure I had a wonderful time there.

20170930_171458After 1.5 days of watching speaking greatness inspire, my making or breaking moment in France came. To increase the pressure, my colleagues decided that I should do the closing pitch. Ofcos, I knew, I could not top the speakers I’ve seen earlier so to make my 15 minutes bearable, I decided to bribe the audience with a song. My keynote was about cutting luck out of the equation by matching refugee talents to employers via a digital platform, the Refugee Talent Hub because we’ll all benefit. It went well and I can’t wait to go back to join Joséphine on the Techfugees Summit 2017 at the end of October. Thank you, Manon van Beek, Savitri Groag, Julien Fanon, Angélina Lamy and many more.

Here are a few takeaways: ‘if you want to impose change, dare to care’ – Fanny letier (Exec-director at BPI); there are more smart people outside your company than within it.It’s the law of numbers. Be adaptive – Julien Fanon (and Reid Hoffman); Persistence is key if you want to make a change – Nora Gherbi

Moderators : Simone Vincenzi, Lovelda Vincenzi and Nora Gherbi were simply awesome.



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