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I’m a marketing specialist, a concepts architect, a passionate musician and a public speaker. It used to be that marketing was segmented into two categories; business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C). however, human beings are innately complex yet strive for simplicity. Our challenge as humans is to find, understand and explain the complex in its most simplistic form.


Therefore we need to find the commonality in our humanity, and speak the language we all understand. I therefore don’t believe in B2B or B2C but in Human-to-Human (H2H). Musically, I don’t believe in bands but in perpetual beta concepts which are agile to different situations to provide that personal experience for any given occasion. Music is more than entertainment, it’s a storytelling vehicle that can impose culture change in the right hands.


I’ve researched and successfully implemented different communication and marketing strategies to help companies and businesses cope with the new horizontal digital revolution and benefit from it. Spoke on TEDx about the art of engagement, shared ideas, learned and still learn from different C-levels professionals and influencers.

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I’ve also been privileged to see my concepts becoming successful and on different festivals, events and in projects that make a difference. Your business, event or yourself are in capable hands with me and my teams.

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